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glass doorknobs
Mixed colors -
Cobalt & Apple Twisted, Brown & White, Black Galaxy

Solid Glass Doorknobs
& Cabinet Pulls

Doorknob sizes range 2.75" to 3.5" diameter
$125 – $225

Cabinet knobs are 1.5” diameter

Concentrated glass colors are encased in clear glass to create a one of a kind solid glass doorknob to suit any room in your house or yard. Our doorknobs are field tested and proven to work on both inside doors and outside gates. A great accent to any home and totally unique. Custom color mixes can also be created to coordinate with your home décor. Send us a fabric swatch or paint sample and we will do our best to match the color in glass.

Solid Colors

Here are some of the solid transparent colors we offer. See our color list for additional swatches.

Gold ruby
Gold Ruby
Hand Blown Glass Doorknobs & Cabinet Pulls
Dark Orange
Dark Orange

Mixed Colors

These are some of the most popular mixes we have used in knobs. Custom mixes are also possible. Email us photos of your room and we can work with you to create the perfect color coordinating mix.

colbalt galaxy
clear confetti
confetti on white
Cobalt Galaxy
Clear Confetti
Confetti on White
brown and tan
fire mix
Ocean Mix on White
Brown Tan Mix
Fire Mix
Ocean Mix on White

Dichroic Strips

Dichroic strips with purples & pinks
Turquoise & Blues
Dichroic strips with greens & blues
Purple & Pink
Turquoise & Blue
Blue & Green
Dichroic strips with ambers & oranges Green and Gold Orange and Gold
Amber & Orange
Green & Gold
Orange & Gold
Dichroic Patterns Black
Dichroic Patterns Black
Dichroic Strips on White
All Patterns on Black
All Solids on Black
All Solids on White

Sandblasted & Engraved

Hand Blown Glass Doorknobs & Cabinet Pulls
Hand Blown Glass Doorknobs & Cabinet Pulls
Hand Blown Glass Doorknobs & Cabinet Pulls
Sandblasted Kokopelli*
Sandblasted Sun Face*

Other Designs

Hand Blown Glass Doorknobs & Cabinet Pulls
Hand Blown Glass Doorknobs & Cabinet Pulls
Hand Blown Glass Doorknobs & Cabinet Pulls
Random Bubbles
Floating Heart

Most designs can also be created in a miniature version as a cabinet knob. Our hand blown doorknobs and cabinet pulls can be custom made to match your kitchen or bathroom décor. Send us a paint chip sample and we will match the color in glass.

*Please Note: These designs cannot be made into cabinet pulls.


How do they attach to the door?

fitting with allen wrenchOur glass doorknobs are permanently bonded to a custom machined brass fitting with an industrial strength epoxy. The knob in the fitting is then threaded and locked onto a square spindle with a small screw on the side of the brass fitting. The screw is tightened to the spindle using an allen wrench. This is then attached to Baldwin Hardware that is set up to receive the square spindle and lock in place. The parts we provide are the knob, brass fitting, set screw and allen wrench. These all come included with your order. Fittings come in brushed brass as the standard finish but a polished finish, antiqued brass and brushed nickel silver finish are also available.

brass fittingThese knobs will require you to order additional hardware, that is not included, to complete the system. You will need a square spindle, straight latch, adapters, rosettes and spacers. We recommend that you order these parts from Baldwin Hardware, as their parts work the best with our knob design. You should be able to source these directly from a local door hardware distributor who carries the Baldwin line. If you email us we will send you images and descriptions of all the parts required to work with our custom glass doorknobs.


Fitting with spindle

Cabinet knobs:
side view cabinet knobOur glass cabinet knobs are also permanently bonded to machined brass fittings using epoxy. These smaller knobs only require a simple phillips head screw to attach to your cabinet door. The screw enclosed with each knob is a standard size of 6-32× 7/8" and will fit most cabinet doors or drawers. However some doors and drawers may be thinner or thicker and the screw may need to be replaced with something longer or shorter to fit your door thickness. The correct length of the screw should extend beyond the hole in your door or drawer by only 1/4”. No longer or shorter than this measurement. Use caution when threading screw through fitting. Tighten knob until snug. Do not over tighten as this could damage the glass and force it to separate from the fitting.

Cabinet knob fitting
cabinet knobs

For more information on the knob hardware, for specific pricing, or for a free design consultation, please email or call us at (505) 832-2272.


Assorted Doorknobs

Assorted mixes (left to right)... Elaine's Mix, Cobalt Galaxy, White Confetti, Khaki Coral Mix, Ocean Mix, Hyacinth Cherry Mix.

Please note that the images shown are just samples of our artwork and other choices are available. This website is a portfolio of our glass designs and not a shopping cart. All of our art glass is handmade, one of a kind and we tailor each order to the needs and requests of our customers.

See place an order page for ordering information.

Click on images to see a larger version.